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Aug. 31st, 2006 11:21 pm
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Stephen leaned against the cold ledge that looked out against the Boston skyline. He had not even been in the city for a week, but already the firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt felt like a second home. Even though the last name on the letterhead made it clear that she did not approve of his presence, Stephen Colbert only wanted to stay longer. Not only was he used to pissing people off, he felt quite adept at the art.

After a long silence Stephen looked over the top of his glass of scotch to see Alan address him. "One thing among many that I'll never understand about human nature is it's fascination with pop culture," his friend said while casually holding a thick cigar in his fingers.

Shaking his head Stephen muttered a single name in disgust. "Barry Manilow."

Out of the corner of his eye Stephen saw his other BFF, Denny Crane, nod silently to him as if giving him permission to rant. And of course since the man was a legend Stephen felt complelled to oblige. "I lost to Copacabana! Forget pop culture, I am pop culture! I don't understand Emmy voters. Seriously. How can I lose the best performer category to that guy? As I said before, I can stand losing to Wolverine. He's badass, has claws, and takes down terrorists! I can even stand losing to Jon. I'm used to it by now. Everyone loves the Jew." He paused a few moments to breathe. "Denny, I must say I heartily agree with you. Declaring war on these bastards is the only way to go."

The older man placed his cigar between his teeth with an authority few posess. "Lock and load."


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