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Dale Cooper is a man who likes to stay optimistic. On the days when he sees the world in a less than positive light, he still strives to find what good may come of a situation. Yet today Cooper struggles. Everything about this setting is artificial, from the demeanor of the servers to the food displays. The music that comes from the overhead speakers was meticulously designed to be as inoffensive as possible.

He and his contact's mutual friend couldn't have chosen a more unsatisfying place to meet than the Cheesecake Factory. The perk of all lunch meetings, aside from the food, was the discovery of character. This place had none. Even the servers seemed hollow behind their eyes. More hope existed in a hostage crisis.

Cooper refrains from asking the server to blink twice if she needed help. Instead he waits, having arrived early. Not one to stew in complete uselessness, Cooper works to combat the dullness of at least his own table. With one hand he bangs against his glass of water with no discernible rhythm, while the other plucks sugar packets out of their side container to begin winding a string of paper spirals across the tabletop.


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